Foot Care Tips

1. Keep your feel healthy with good hygiene. Clean your feet thoroughly and often and always dry them afterwards.

2. Moisturize your feet regularly to keep them smooth and prevent cracking.

3. Prevent cracking and exfoliate dead skin by using a PED X Abrasive or Foot File to smooth out calluses.

4. With a PED X Toenail Clipper, cut toenails straight across. Avoid cutting corners of toenails as it can cause ingrown toenails. In case of ingrown toenails, use a PED X ingrown toenail file to relieve pressure, or the PED X ingrown toenail nipper to cut away easily.

5. Shoes that fit make for happy feet. Tight shoes are bad for feet and can cause issues. To ensure a proper fit, buy shoes later in the day as feet swell throughout the day.

6. Wear shoes and socks that provide maximum air circulation. Allowing feet to ‘breathe’ and keeping them dry lessens the chance of bacterial problems such as athlete’s foot. 

7. Use PED X insoles to relieve pressure off of feet. PED X has a variety of specialty insoles that are designed with comfort in mind and can help prevent and manage pain.

8. To remove corns or calluses, use PED X Medicated removers to safely dissolve corns and calluses away.

9. For irritation due to painful corns and calluses, use PED X Spongy Cushions to relieve pain. Use PED X Bunion Cushions for Bunions.

10. Straighten and realign toes and restore flexibility and circulation with PED X Toe Spreaders.